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How will you know when your dog is experiencing pain?  

To give or not to give…that is the question…

I was sent home with 3 vials of  pain medication or (analgesics) for Teddy.  I was advised to give him the largest dose after he had a snack that afternoon, which I did.  The 2 smaller vials were for the next 2 days, as needed... 

As needed…that's open to interpretation…a little too ambigous for me, having never gone through anything like this before...

I carefully observed Teddy on Friday, he did not appear to be in any pain whatsoever.  The only remnants of the procedure ever being performed was the shaved spot on his back and the clear sutures.  He was eating, sleeping and drinking as usual…had no problem jumping on and off the bed, (which, for the record, I asked him NOT to do)!

It wasn't until 8 pm last night that I noticed when I touched his upper back, his lower back, around the incision, flinched.  I decided his reaction was indication that the area was still painful.  I immediately decided to give him the 2nd vial.

Lesson learned…today, I will not hesistate to give Teddy his 3rd and final vial of pain medication…(when needed).   I was being "overly protective," under the circumstances, when what I should have been was more "empathetic". 


Favorite spot, always on TOP of the pink sequined pillow!

There is, however, something good that has become unambiguous to me as a result of all the perusing I've done lately on pet care…"no more store bought dog treats"...I've been passing those things out like candy...of course on an "as needed" basis…Go figure!

Day 2, post removal of cyst

Dr. Drake, of Southpaw Animal Hospital, is a true gem!  From the moment we arrived, her staff was both friendly and efficient. 

Teddy and I had come to seek a 2nd opinion for a cyst that was growing under the skin on Teddy's lower back.  It had been aspirated 2 weeks ago at his long time primary vet, in their back office... they studied it micropscopically and I was told the fluid contents was a clear liquid with tinges of blood…nothing to worry about.  However, within 3 days, it had grown back to the size of a grape once again.  I notified them of this change…they were to call me back 20 days later.

Dr. Drake performed Teddy's 2nd fine needle aspiration, in front of me, it's contents contained a dark brown fluid with a small amount of chlosterol crystals in it.  She took the contents to the back to view it microscopically, acessed the 2 slides and came back into the room with them, to explain, in laymans terms, her findings.  Thankfully, it was only a benign cyst, that I was assured would undoubtedly return within a few days, as it had before.  

Proactively, as it most likey could be deemed only cosmetically necessary at this point, I elected to have Dr. Drake make an incision to remove the sac that lines the cyst to prevent recurrence.  Only a local anesthetic was necessary.  There would have always been a chance in the future, that once it grew back, it could grow somewhat larger than before, which would then require Teddy to be sedated, which I would prefer to avoid at all costs.

Teddy is doing just fine, slept through the night, is not bothering his stitches, so no Elizabethan collar is needed.  His stitches will be removed in 2 weeks.

Yesterday, will be one day I will never forget!   Not only from the stress involved after waiting a week for this appointment to finally get here, but also for the hurricane type weather we experienced from early morning and throughout the day.  Constant heavy rain, road flooding and high winds up to 60 mph.  I carried Teddy to the car, on my 2nd trip back to the vet that day, so he would not get wet, and amidst all the chaos, left my purse at I made a total of 3 round trips to his "NEW" vet during the torrential downpour we experienced yesterday.

Thank you to Sarah, my very good friend as well as Teddys's long time groomer at Carrollwood Pet Grooming…as it was at her suggestion, that I seek a 2nd opinion with Dr. Drake in Carrollwood.  Teddy's primary vet in South Tampa, had just called wanting to schedule Teddy for major surgery with sedation which prompted me to call Sarah.

Also, thank you to my Australian friend Parlance, I have been following her wonderful blog for 5 years now, "Life With Penny" and ironically, her "Penny" is going through somewhat the same ordeal as "Teddy" at this very time.  Penny's diagnosis and progress provided me with positive reassurance that things would be okay.   Parlance's blog is not only extremely informative and very educational, but you also get to read and see wonderful pictures of Australia at the same time!

Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend!

2nd Opinion with Dr. Drake


9:15 am…almost here…Today, Teddy and I will be going to get a 2nd opinion on a lump on his lower back.  It was discovered 20 days ago, a few days after he was attacked by a large unleashed, neighbors dog and it was presumed to be trauma related.  His Doctor drained it, the fluid (cells) were looked at under a microscope and deemed to be non cancerous but has once again filled back up, much to his Doctor's dismay.  His original Doctor called me last Friday morning asking me to make an appointment to have it surgically removed, putting Teddy under and reccomended having his teeth cleaned as well since he was being put under.  I advised her that Teddy had his teeth cleaned, in their office, January 2013, without anesthesia.  We will make a decision after today's 2nd opinion.  

Thank you Parlance and Penny, in Australia, for your blog, we are following Penny's path to recovery as she has just gone through this only 4 days earlier…Penny's turned out to be a lipoma, which Parlance, her #1 human, along with the advice of her Doctor, decided to have it removed from her belly.  Happily, Penny is doing fine and will be running through Darbin Parklands in lo time!