Talk to Teddy...


All Grown Up...

This is how it all began…my infamous, "Life is Good" blog, in September 2008.

Well, since my last posting in October 2011, "Life's Still Good"…so lets pick up where we left off!

Take a good look at me…I just turned 5 years old…thats 35 to you!  You're only as old as you feel…least that's what I hear…what's that…sorry, my hearing is not what it used to be!

Let me catch you up on my whereabouts during the past 2 years..I could just say "writers block" and end it at that…but the real story, and there is one…is far more exciting.

In the past 2 years, I have really been digging my new diggs…no really, I actually have learned how to dig holes, roll around in the dirt, have become extremely adebt at catching, ok, so I fib, chasing, after the odd cat, squirell, raccoon, bird, opossum and various armadilo.  Yep, I have definately earned my KEEP.  

Funny though, speaking of "keep", I keep hearing that if I continue to chase all the wild animals, I'm going to be given away…hardly sounds like "keep" to me!