How will you know when your dog is experiencing pain?  

To give or not to give…that is the question…

I was sent home with 3 vials of  pain medication or (analgesics) for Teddy.  I was advised to give him the largest dose after he had a snack that afternoon, which I did.  The 2 smaller vials were for the next 2 days, as needed... 

As needed…that's open to interpretation…a little too ambigous for me, having never gone through anything like this before...

I carefully observed Teddy on Friday, he did not appear to be in any pain whatsoever.  The only remnants of the procedure ever being performed was the shaved spot on his back and the clear sutures.  He was eating, sleeping and drinking as usual…had no problem jumping on and off the bed, (which, for the record, I asked him NOT to do)!

It wasn't until 8 pm last night that I noticed when I touched his upper back, his lower back, around the incision, flinched.  I decided his reaction was indication that the area was still painful.  I immediately decided to give him the 2nd vial.

Lesson learned…today, I will not hesistate to give Teddy his 3rd and final vial of pain medication…(when needed).   I was being "overly protective," under the circumstances, when what I should have been was more "empathetic". 


Favorite spot, always on TOP of the pink sequined pillow!

There is, however, something good that has become unambiguous to me as a result of all the perusing I've done lately on pet care…"no more store bought dog treats"...I've been passing those things out like candy...of course on an "as needed" basis…Go figure!